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All companies have experts, and so do we. The difference is, at Principia Analytics, our experts aren’t just CS or math experts, they are that and digital media buying, website, and eCommerce experts. That gives us a unique perspective. A view into what you do every day as digital marketers and how to provide useful solutions. It is the lens that all of our products are built under, and it means that our solutions are geared towards increasing the efficiencies of your workflow and improving the results of your campaigns. Maybe you are having trouble with understanding how upper funnel media is affecting sales and media down funnel. Maybe you’re tired of wasting hours of valuable talent’s time gathering data from vendor UIs. Maybe you want to increase the professionalism of your media reports or improve the performance of your SEM or RTB campaigns. We get it. We’ve been there too, and we can help. We specialize in digital attribution, media tagging and site tag management, automated reporting, creative testing, and digital media optimization strategies. But that isn’t the sum of who we are. We are about uncovering the real stories and insights in your data. We are about revealing your consumer from every angle. We are about helping you push your business forward in ways you never imagined. We are Principia Analytics.



Understand digital media's true effectiveness in complex and varied consumer environments.

Robust Reporting

Automated reporting that delivers fast, actionable, visualization so that you can spend less time data munging and more time analyzing.

Advanced Optimization

Sophisticated testing and optimization techniques that elevate media performance and save you time and money.

DGP Consulting

A data generation process (DGP) defines what data sources you leverage and how these are collected, transformed and managed. Produce valuable data sets each day


CausedCommerce Suite

Marketing Solutions Architects

Our award-winning CausedCommerce suite is unique because it measures your media’s effectiveness at driving incremental sales. Incremental sales are sales that occurred because of your digital media. When you optimize to incremental sales you are more effectively optimizing your marketing towards affecting your bottom line.

The CausedCommerce suite was designed to provide a comprehensive media tracking system, an effective incrementality measurement platform, a multi-touch conversion attribution system, and an automated reporting view that makes optimization easy, all in one platform.  The elements in each of our optimization dashboards aligns with a way that programmatic buyers can optimize media to improve performance. Our attribution platform runs millions of tests per day per client to give you accurate performance data updated daily. Our tracking allows us to capture more data across more channels in a non-personally identifying way to provide you with an in depth understanding of your consumer without violating their privacy.

  • Full view and click based tracking (not UTM based which is click only)
  • Cross-device graph technology
  • Cookieless device fingerprint tracking
  • Geographic measurement based on IP locations
  • Device measurement based on OS
  • Fully customizable conversion pixels for advanced data capture
  • Filterable, interactive, and customizable dashboards deliver quick insights on:
    • Geo-fencing performance
    • Day-part effectiveness
    • Media placement effectiveness
    • Seasonality
    • Media allocation effectiveness
    • Performance trending
  • Refreshed daily
  • Live access via the web
  • Multi-level data security
  • Fully downloadable graphics, reports, and data
  • Incrementality measured via Rubin Causal Model frameworks
    • Results of incrementality measurement are at a consumer ID level
  • Position agnostic Markov chain models are utilized for fractional attribution
    • Model weightings driven by consumer behavior data

Solutions Architects

Team of Experts

Fred Askham


Fred Askham is the director of analytics at Principia Analytics. The Data, Analytics, and Decision Sciences (DADS) team that he leads focuses on the use of technology and statistical methodologies to improve marketing performance and workplace efficiencies. Fred is a firm believer in workload automation, with the goal of allowing talent to fulfill strategic thinking roles rather than operational ones in the workplace. He and his team have developed numerous proprietary analytics systems, measurement solutions, and workflow automation product offerings for Principia Analytics, including the CausedCommerce system. Prior to Principia Analytics, Fred worked in varied client verticals and in multiple disciplinary groups including media planning and RTB buying in digital first agencies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO.

Keith Schneider

Data Scientist

Keith Schneider, PhD, is a data scientist at Principia Analytics. He brings a passion for problem solving and a penchant for mathematical rigor to the Data, Analytics, and Decision Sciences (DADS) team. Keith specializes in optimization of combinatorial algorithms which is an essential component of effectively analyzing big data. His expertise in this area has been invaluable in developing Principia Analytics various solutions. Both the theoretical underpinnings and the practical implementation of Principia’s award winning CausedCommerce system are largely his work. Prior to working at Principia, Keith generally tried to prevent the universe from keeping secrets from him and specifically worked on attribution problems for other major players in the digital marketing space. Keith earned his PhD in Mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Go ‘Heels!

Ray Curry

Data Analyst

Ray Curry is a Data Analyst/Reporting Guru at Principia Analytics. Ray hold a Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems and minor in Economics from the University of Colorado, Denver. Starting his career in Full Stack Development, and as a Quality Assurance Engineer he gained an in depth knowledge of how websites are designed, built, and deployed as well as an in depth understanding of eCommerce, and how pixels and tracking interact with your website. Working as a Data Analyst Ray has worked closely with media planning, buying, and programmatic teams to help them with automation, data discovery, and product development. He has designed and developed reporting suites that cover a large range of topics and provide users advanced BI capability. Ray’s passion for innovation, streamlining workflow, and increasing the quality of deliverables is without parallel and is a huge asset to the Principia team.

Alex Ghiselin

Associate Data Analyst

Alex Ghiselin is an Associate Data Analyst at Principia Analytics. He received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida but happily moved to Colorado almost five years ago. Alex developed an analytical background through market evaluation of single-family real estate trends for institutional buyers such as Blackstone and SoftBank. Since joining Principia Analytics, Alex has supported the team through fresh takes on an analytic space new to him and has made countless improvements to client-facing data visualizations. His pursuit of knowledge through analytics extends beyond the workplace and Alex spends free time applying data models to both pro and college basketball. He brings an enthusiastic interest in finding the bigger picture to the DADS team.

Taylor Britt

Associate Data Analyst

Taylor Britt is an associate data analyst at Principia Analytics. His day-to-day work largely involves streamlining and troubleshooting our data ingestion processes and improving our reporting dashboards. He is passionate about finding ways to creatively and clearly convey insights about complex topics and using data science to uncover hidden truths in the field of social sciences. Prior to joining the team at Principia, he briefly attended Harvard Law School before realizing that he hates arguing with people. He has also worked as a traveling LSAT instructor, a researcher and web designer at an environmental nonprofit, and a bicycle tour guide in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has a B.A. in Economics and History from Rice University.

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